session notes – Bill Walthall


  • Student / Classroom sessions may contain no less than 10 and no more than 40 students.
  • A MINIMUM of 3 (three) classroom sessions must take place during the same school day to schedule a visit; this can be waived if a classroom sessions is scheduled with a teacher “themes and lessons” workshop on the same day.

Audio-Visual Requirements:

  • Whiteboard
  • Projection screen or blank white wall, and projector (optional) w/speakers and HDMI input
    OR Large-scale video screen with HDMI input and speakers
  • Electrical outlet within 9 feet of speaker area
  • Firewall-less WIFI (optional, if a strong signal to the Verizon network is available)

Travel, Lodging, Per diem:

  • for engagements in Ventura County, there are no travel, lodging or meal charges
  • for engagements outside of Ventura County, but within a 100 mile radius (“as the crow flies”; including the cities of Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Lancaster, Corona, and Irvine): there is a car travel mileage charge of $0.56 per mile based on a Google Maps estimate of a roundtrip to destination.
  • for engagements outside that 100 mile radius, contact Bill for a price estimate that includes travel, incidentals, and lodging (if necessary)