dramaturgy – Bill Walthall

Are you a director? Need some Shakespearean assistance?

I can help you as a dramaturg, helping you bridge your production from the page to the stage, providing background information about past productions of your play, discussing of verse rhythm and word meaning with actors, as well as helping you edit your script to focus on your vision. Post-edit, I can also provide you with a chart showing which actors appear in which scenes (thus helping you multi-cast your production.

Here’s praise from a past director…

Bill is a godsend. He studied and taught Shakespeare for years, so after the auditions, we sat down and went over the play, page by page, scene by scene, and did some cutting and pasting, tidied up the language, and took out phrases and jokes that were either redundant or were things that today’s audiences wouldn’t get. I think he did a wonderful job.

–Vivien Latham, director Much Ado About Nothing (2017)

Camarillo Acorn, January 27, 2017

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