WebmasterAtLarge is the web development/technology consultantship, founded by Allaire 
     and Macromedia Certified Professional Bill Walthall, specializing in web applications 
     since 1995.

WebmasterAtLarge has successfully executed projects from myriad clients from an entire spectrum 
of industries:

    Military:                                  Education:
        United States Army                               Conejo Valley Unified School District [2004-present]
            America's Army [2004-present]                Learning Tree International [1996-1998]
            USMA [2002-3]                                Hueneme School District [1995-6]

    Municipal Government:                      Publishing:
        City of Oxnard [2003-2007]                       LongmanParticipate.com [2000-2001]

    Manufacturing:                             Non-Profit Organizations:
        Alcatel/Xylan [1998-2003]                        Ventura County Bruins [2002]
        DKAmans [2001]                                   Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo [2001]
        MalibuNetworks [2000]                            ASTD--Los Padres [1998]

    Entertainment:                             Medical:
        Sony Interactive Television [2000]               IVFNeedles.com [2000]
        Next Hits [2000]                                 EAntiAging.com [2000]
        UggaUgga.com [2000]                       

WebmasterAtLarge founder Bill Walthall also teaches technology courses (ColdFusion and Dreamweaver) 
for Learning Tree International, and Shakespeare presentations through The Bill / Shakespeare Project.

WebmasterAtLarge developmental skillsets include, but are not limited to:
               ColdFusion               HTML                     Flex
               PHP                      XML                      CSS
               SQL                      JavaScript               Flash

                For more information, contact Bill at WebmasterAtLarge · com

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